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Many, dug in sandstone, connected throughout the rock basement of the town centre, with labyrinthine pattern. For a long time it was thought that they were but the remains of ancient sandstone quarries or even wine cellars. However, explorations, interpretations, and the modern walkways, which have made these caves accessible today, have revealed the presence in almost all areas of architectural embellishments, carvings and decorative details that do not fit in quarries or simple storage rooms: domes, barrel vaults, circular rooms and decorative columns, decorated with friezes, ornaments and religious symbols are constants along the entire route.
The caves unravel in front of an often impressed visitor, showing an underground town almost like a charming fairytale, a secret Camerano were both history and legend are real. The most plausible interpretation today is that of a residential, ritual, and the defensive purpose.
During the second world war in 1944, the entire underground system was used as an anti-bomb shelter.


The visits to the Caves last 80 minutes, you will be together with a guide and you have to call  071 – 7304018, everyday from 9.00 to 20.00, to make a reservation for your visit.
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